Ijora Badia Postal Code / Zip Code – Lagos City

Ijora Badia is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is divided into Ijora Badia Central, East, West and North.

All the aforementioned districts contain several locations that make use of varying postal or zip code.

Here are the districts within Ijora Badia and their postcodes:

Ijora Badia West

Location  Postcode
Adeboye St St. 102223
Ajayi Close St. 102223
Ajowa St St. 102223
Akorede St St. 102223
Akosile Lane St. 102223
Akosile St St. 102223
Alhaji Kadiri St St. 102223
Amusu Close St. 102223
Amusu St St. 102223
Bale St St. 102223
Church St St. 102223
Fadianu St St. 102223
Giwa St St. 102223
Holly Church St. 102223
Ireti Owoseni St St. 102223
Iya Agan St St. 102223
Jimoh Adeyemi St St. 102223
Lawal St St. 102223
Matiminu St St. 102223
Obale Close St. 102223
Obale St St. 102223
Oseni Close St. 102223
Sule St St. 102223


Ijora Badia East

Location  Postcode
Adefami St St. 102221
Adetunji St St. 102221
Ajose St St. 102221
Akintimoye St St. 102221
Akinwade St St. 102221
Awolowo St St. 102221
Emilious Titilayo St St. 102221
Fotokun St St. 102221
Iganmu Rd St. 102221
Ikogwe St St. 102221
Ladipo Market St. 102221
Makajuola St St. 102221
Odunlaiye St St. 102221
Olubowade St St. 102221
Town Hall St St. 102221


Ijora Badia North

Location  Postcode
Adetola St St. 102224
Afolabi Alasia St St. 102224
Afolayan St St. 102224
Alli Iwo St St. 102224
Arewa Close St. 102224
Arewa St St. 102224
Arije Sule Close St. 102224
Aro Lane St. 102224
Ashimi St St. 102224
Boladale St St. 102224
Daramola St St. 102224
Ladejobi St St. 102224
Lawani Close St. 102224
Mosadolorun St St. 102224
Odofin Close St. 102224
Odunuga St St. 102224
Oladiran St St. 102224
Olajide St St. 102224
Oludan St St. 102224
Onigemo St St. 102224
Oniyide St St. 102224
Ora St St. 102224
Rabiatu St St. 102224
Sango St St. 102224

Ijora Badia Central

Location Postcode
Cementry Rd St. 102222
Cementry St St. 102222
Gaskiya College St. 102222
Gaskiya Rd St. 102222
Gaskiya St St. 102222