Guelph Postal Codes, Ontario, Canada

Guelph zip codes vary with street addresses. They contain either N1E, N1G, N1H, N1K, or N1L as their forward sortation area. The local delivery units of neighbouring streets are often the same. Similar to other Canadian cities, Guelph postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Guelph is a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Known as The Royal City, it is roughly 22 km east of Kitchener and 70 km west of Downtown Toronto, at the intersection of Highway 6, Highway 7, and Wellington County Road 124.

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Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code forward sortation area (FSA)N1E, N1G, N1H, N1K, N1L
Area codes519, 226, 548

Guelph Postal Codes

AddressPostal Code
3 Acorn Pl GuelphN1E 6L6
58 Algoma Dr GuelphN1E 1C7
2 Algonquin Rd GuelphN1E 3P1
187 Alma St N GuelphN1H 5X8
6 Armstrong Ave GuelphN1E 5W8
45 Armstrong Ave GuelphN1E 5W9
105 Bagot St GuelphN1H 8H4
208-105 Bagot St GuelphN1H 8H4
107 Bagot St GuelphN1H 8H5
121 Bagot St GuelphN1H 5T8
59 Balmoral Dr GuelphN1E 3N7
65 Bayberry Dr GuelphN1G 5K8
1 Beverley St GuelphN1E 6M7
67 Bishop Crt GuelphN1G 2W4
281 Bristol St GuelphN1H 8J3
62-9 Burns Dr GuelphN1H 7C3
29 Burton Rd GuelphN1H 8A7
1 Carden St GuelphN1H 3A1
302-48 Carden St GuelphN1H 3A2
27 Cardigan St GuelphN1H 7V6
1005-27 Cardigan St GuelphN1H 7V6
33 Cardigan St GuelphN1H 3Z5
66 Castlebury Dr GuelphN1K 1X1
24 Chadwick Ave GuelphN1H 3E8
8 Christopher Crt GuelphN1G 4N7
151 Clairfields Dr E GuelphN1L 1P5
125 Cole Rd GuelphN1G 4S8
165 Cole Rd GuelphN1G 4N9
302 College Ave W GuelphN1G 4T6
89-302 College Ave W GuelphN1G 4T6
354 College Ave W GuelphN1G 1T2
58 Conroy Cres GuelphN1G 2V6
120 Country Club Dr GuelphN1E 3K7
11 Crossingham Dr GuelphN1K 1N9
30 Dalebrook Pl GuelphN1E 1A8
33 Dawson Rd GuelphN1H 5V3
39 Dawson Rd GuelphN1H 5V2
86 Dean Ave GuelphN1G 1L5
70 Deerpath Dr GuelphN1K 1V3
148 Deerpath Dr GuelphN1K 1W9
187 Deerpath Dr GuelphN1K 1W8
216 Deerpath Dr GuelphN1K 1W5
73 Delhi St GuelphN1E 6L9
115 Delhi St GuelphN1E 4J4
150 Delhi St GuelphN1E 6K9
8 Deshane St GuelphN1E 0E1
5 Douglas St GuelphN1H 2S8
40 Dublin St N GuelphN1H 4M8
229 Dublin St N GuelphN1H 4P4
23 Dufferin St GuelphN1H 4A2
23 Dumbarton St GuelphN1E 3T4
111 Dumbarton St GuelphN1E 3T5
30 Eastview Rd GuelphN1E 1Z5
120 Edinburgh Rd  S GuelphN1H 5P7
36-383 Edinburgh Rd S GuelphN1G 2K7
467 Edinburgh Rd S GuelphN1G 2Y6
B-19 Eramosa Rd GuelphN1E 2L4
351 Eramosa Rd GuelphN1E 2N2
380 Eramosa Rd GuelphN1E 6R2
175 Ferguson St GuelphN1E 2Z1
186 Fife Rd GuelphN1H 8L3
190 Fife Rd GuelphN1H 8L4
75 Flaherty Dr GuelphN1H 8J8
11 Flanders Rd GuelphN1G 1V8
80 Foster Ave GuelphN1H 3B3
35 Freshmeadow Way GuelphN1K 1R9
46 Glenbrook Dr GuelphN1E 1A9
10 Gombas Pl GuelphN1H 7E4
1-784 Gordon St GuelphN1G 5C8
91 Grandridge Cres GuelphN1H 8G3
103-31 Greengate Rd GuelphN1H 6R3
215-31 Greengate Rd GuelphN1H 6R3
14-16 Hadati Rd GuelphN1E 6M2
123 Harvard Rd GuelphN1G 3P9
27 Havelock St GuelphN1E 4G6
9 Hosking Pl GuelphN1G 3R9
4 Inverness Dr GuelphN1E 3L8
46-74 Janefield Ave GuelphN1G 2L6
423-181 Janefield Ave GuelphN1G 1V2
9 Joseph St GuelphN1E 2W4
47 June Ave GuelphN1H 1H5
8 Kathleen St GuelphN1H 4Y2
274 Kathleen St GuelphN1H 4Y5
21 Keats Cres GuelphN1G 3B1
9 Kensington St GuelphN1E 3P3
B-47 Kent St GuelphN1H 3B6
A-49 Kent St GuelphN1H 3B6
87 Koch Dr GuelphN1G 4H5
25 Kortright Rd E GuelphN1G 4E3
71 Kortright Rd W GuelphN1G 3B3
160 Kortright Rd W GuelphN1G 4W2
570 Kortright Rd W GuelphN1G 3W8
577 Kortright Rd W GuelphN1G 3K8
240 London Rd W GuelphN1H 8N8
8-240 London Rd W GuelphN1H 8N8
24 Marilyn Dr GuelphN1H 8E9
74 Mary St GuelphN1G 2B1
117 McElderry Rd GuelphN1G 4J7
123 McElderry Rd GuelphN1G 4J8
12 Memorial Cres GuelphN1H 6B9

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