Greater Sudbury Postal Codes, Ontario, Canada

Sudbury zip codes vary with street addresses. They contain P3A, P3B, P3C, P3E, or P3G as their forward sortation area. The local delivery units of neighbouring streets are often the same. Similar to other Canadian cities, Sudbury postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Sudbury, known officially as the City of Greater Sudbury is a city in Ontario, Canada. Near the Ramsey Lake waterfront, Science North is a museum with a planetarium and IMAX cinema. It is north of Lake Huron, midway between the cities of Sudbury and Sault Ste.

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Key points

CityGreater Sudbury
ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code forward sortation area (FSA)P3A, P3B, P3C, P3E, P3G
Area codes705, 249

Greater Sudbury Postal Codes

AddressPostal code
7 Aberdeen Crt SudburyP3A 5P7
200 Amberdale Crt SudburyP3C 5T3
519 Attlee Ave SudburyP3A 5S3
126 Benita Blvd SudburyP3A 5Z4
158 Benita Blvd SudburyP3A 5Z4
182 Benita BlvdSudburyP3A 5Z4
206 Benita Blvd SudburyP3A 5Z5
203 Birch Hill Rd SudburyP3G 1K1
131 Bridgewater Crt SudburyP3A 5M4
26 Byers Rd SudburyP3G 1L8
9-905 Cambrian Heights Dr SudburyP3C 5R3
34-905 Cambrian Heights Dr SudburyP3C 5R4
10 Cana Crt SudburyP3A 5R1
15 Cana Crt SudburyP3A 5R1
16 Cana Crt SudburyP3A 5R1
256 Caswell Dr SudburyP3E 2N9
2489 Cavendish Crt SudburyP3E 5X7
2496 Cavendish Crt SudburyP3E 5X6
2511 Cavendish Crt SudburyP3E 5X7
2525 Cavendish Crt SudburyP3E 5Y1
1354 Cawthorpe St SudburyP3G 1C1
159 Cedar St SudburyP3E 6A5
2714 Chatelain St SudburyP3G 1C4
3969 Chief Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1K7
4026 Chief Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1K7
4388 Chief Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1K8
5709 Clearwater Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1L9
5853 Clearwater Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1L9
70 Cognac Crt SudburyP3E 6L4
1761 Coldstream Pl SudburyP3A 5S8
10 Courtney Hill SudburyP3E 5W5
30 Courtney Hill SudburyP3E 5W5
58 Courtney Hill SudburyP3E 5W6
1882 Covewood Cres SudburyP3A 5T1
10 Davenport Crt SudburyP3A 5V1
775 Dew Drop Rd SudburyP3G 1L1
21 Dorchester Cres SudburyP3A 5Y3
37 Dorchester Cres SudburyP3A 5Y3
64 Dorchester Cres SudburyP3A 5Y3
83 Dorchester Cres SudburyP3A 5Y4
600 Downland Ave SudburyP3A 5T6
3232 Eden Township Rd SudburyP3G 1G1
609 Edgewater Rd SudburyP3G 1J7
25 Embassy Crt SudburyP3A 5X4
37 Embassy Crt SudburyP3A 5X4
306 Forest Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1K8
2 Forestdale Dr SudburyP3A 5X1
25 Forestdale Dr SudburyP3A 5X1
51 Forestdale Dr SudburyP3A 5X1
93 Forestdale Dr SudburyP3A 5X2
105 Forestdale Dr SudburyP3A 5X3
116 Gardenvale Crt SudburyP3A 5X1
2300 Gateway Dr SudburyP3E 6G1
2301 Gateway Dr SudburyP3E 6G1
32 Gemma St SudburyP3E 6G7
145 Gemma St SudburyP3E 6G8
155 Gemma St SudburyP3E 6G8
1500 Gennings St SudburyP3E 6J2
223 Gold St SudburyP3E 6A4
1138 Goodview Rd SudburyP3G 1B5
1171 Goodview Rd SudburyP3G 1B5
1790 Graywood Dr SudburyP3A 5S4
568 Greenbriar Dr SudburyP3B 3X5
1485 Hannah Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1H2
1529 Hannah Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1H2
1534 Hannah Lake Rd SudburyP3G 1H2
53 Hemlock Point Rd SudburyP3G 1G1
8-2146 Highgate Rd SudburyP3B 4H4
130 Ivydale Crt SudburyP3A 5X2
1315 Keast Dr SudburyP3E 6H7
1365 Keast Dr SudburyP3E 6H7
6 Kensington Pl SudburyP3E 5X8
2043 Kingsway SudburyP3B 4K2
318 Kirkwood Dr SudburyP3E 6J3
365 Kirkwood Dr SudburyP3E 6J4
427 Kirkwood Dr SudburyP3E 6J4
501 Kirkwood Dr SudburyP3E 6J5
655 Kirkwood Dr SudburyP3E 6J6
751 Kirkwood Dr SudburyP3E 6J6
46 Kormak St SudburyP3B 4H3
38 Lady Ashley Crt SudburyP3E 5Z7
49 Lady Ashley Crt SudburyP3E 5Z8
98 Lady Ashley Crt SudburyP3E 5Z7
121 Lady Ashley Crt SudburyP3E 5Z8
146 Lady Ashley Crt SudburyP3E 5Z7
568 Lake Point Crt SudburyP3E 6J3
1258 Lakewood Dr SudburyP3E 6H9
1274 Lakewood Dr SudburyP3E 6H9
4100 Lammi’s Rd SudburyP3G 1H3
96 Larch St SudburyP3E 1C1
A-1063 Leedale Ave SudburyP3G 1B9
1184 Leedale Ave SudburyP3G 1B8
1239 Leedale Ave SudburyP3G 1B8
1128 Levina St SudburyP3G 1B7
1138 Levina St SudburyP3G 1B9
696 Luoma Rd SudburyP3G 1J4
699 Luoma Rd SudburyP3G 1J4
2-1197 Martindale Rd SudburyP3E 4J6
325 Marttila Dr SudburyP3E 2K6
2301 Melin’s Rd SudburyP3G 1H3

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