Cornwall Postal Codes, Ontario, Canada

Cornwall zip codes vary with locations. They use contain either K6H, K6J, or K6K as their prefix. The local units of neighbouring streets are often the same. Similar to other Canadian cities, Cornwall postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Cornwall is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada, situated where the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and the state of New York converge.

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Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code PrefixK6H, K6J, or K6K
Area codes613, 343

Cornwall Postal Codes

Street AddressPostal Code
540 Adolphus St CornwallK6H 3T2
41 Amelia St CornwallK6H 7E5
24 Augustus St CornwallK6J 3V8
120 Augustus St CornwallK6J 3W1
210 Augustus St CornwallK6J 5T3
1421 Brookdale Ave CornwallK6J 5E8
1451 Brookdale Ave CornwallK6J 5B5
1-1630 Brookdale Ave CornwallK6J 5X6
136 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
140 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
141 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A7
144 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
145 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A7
148 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
149 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A7
153 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A7
201 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A7
208 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
209 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
212 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
213 Bryden Ave CornwallK6H 7A6
1500 Cumberland St CornwallK6J 4K9
1500A Cumberland St CornwallK6J 5V9
121 Dunbar Ave CornwallK6H 7P4
15 Edward St CornwallK6H 4G6
220 Emma Ave CornwallK6J 5V8
5 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
6 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
8 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
9 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
10 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
12 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
13 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
16 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
20 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
24 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
28 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
32 Forestdale Cres CornwallK6K 1V7
600 Glengarry Blvd CornwallK6H 6P8
625 Glengarry Blvd CornwallK6H 6R9
645 Glengarry Blvd CornwallK6H 6S1
1-650 Hamilton Cres CornwallK6H 7L4
1204 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V2
1205 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V2
1209 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V2
1212 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V2
1216 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1217 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1224 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1225 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1232 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1233 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1236 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1237 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1240 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
1241 Innwood Ave CornwallK6J 5V4
501 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
505 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
509 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
513 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
517 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
525 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
529 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
533 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
537 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
541 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
545 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
549 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
553 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
556 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
557 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
558 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
560 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
561 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
562 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
564 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
565 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
566 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
568 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
569 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
570 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
572 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
574 Jase St CornwallK6H 7G5
852 Kenyon  Cres CornwallK6H 6Y9
855 Kenyon Cres CornwallK6H 6Z1
860 Kenyon Cres CornwallK6H 6Y9
863 Kenyon Cres CornwallK6H 6Z1
864 Kenyon Cres CornwallK6H 6Y9
872 Kenyon Cres CornwallK6H 6Y9
875 Kenyon Cres CornwallK6H 6Z1
900 Kenyon Cres CornwallK6H 6Z1
96-460 Leitch Dr CornwallK6H 7L5
1105 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X7
1109 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X6
1113 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X6
1117 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X6
1121 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X6
1125 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X6
1129 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X6
1133 Lindsay Cres CornwallK6H 6X6

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