Chatham Postal Codes, Ontario, Canada

Chatham zip codes vary with locations. They contain either N7L or N7M as their prefix. The local units of neighbouring streets are often the same. Similar to other Canadian cities, Chatham postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Chatham is a single-tier municipality in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, situated where the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and the state of New York converge.

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Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code Prefix N7L, N7M
Area codes519, 226, 548

Chatham Postal Codes

Street AddressPostal Code
83 Adelaide St S ChathamN7M 4R3
39 Alden St ChathamN7L 1N9
67 Alden St ChathamN7L 1N9
22 Alexandra Ave ChathamN7M 1Y1
43 Algonquian Dr ChathamN7M 5Y2
31 Arthur Dr ChathamN7M 3Y3
26 Baldoon Rd ChathamN7L 1E1
59 Beechwood Cres ChathamN7M 5A7
63 Beechwood Cres ChathamN7M 5A7
128 Berry St ChathamN7M 3B3
31 Birmingham Lane ChathamN7M 6L5
43 Blossom Pl ChathamN7L 5N9
3-114 Blythewood Cres ChathamN7M 5N6
51 Bristol Dr ChathamN7M 6K1
107 Bristol Dr ChathamN7M 6J9
210 Bristol Dr ChathamN7M 6K9
222 Bristol Dr ChathamN7M 6K9
331 Campus Pky ChathamN7L 4V7
28 Carolinian Pl ChathamN7L 5M7
40 Centre St ChathamN7M 5W3
894 Charing Cross RdChathamN7M 5H4
22220 Charing Cross RdChathamN7M 5V8
70 Chestnut Dr ChathamN7M 4Z1
63 Cornhill St ChathamN7L 1M8
118 Cornhill St ChathamN7L 1N1
130 Cornhill St ChathamN7L 1N1
50 Coverdale St ChathamN7L 2T9
147 Coverdale St ChathamN7L 2V1
7 Dana Pl ChathamN7L 4R9
15 Dana Pl ChathamN7L 4R9
82 Delaware Ave ChathamN7L 4W6
77 Devon Rd ChathamN7L 3T7
96 Dunkirk Dr ChathamN7L 5H3
25-21 Earl Dr ChathamN7M 6E7
71 Edgar St ChathamN7M 1V6
9 Eighth St ChathamN7M 4J4
76 Ellis St ChathamN7L 2L8
20 Emma St ChathamN7L 5K5
169 Faubert Dr ChathamN7M 2Y5
245 Faubert Dr ChathamN7M 2Y6
48 Fifth St S ChathamN7M 4V8
260 Forest St ChathamN7L 2A9
24 Galbraith St ChathamN7L 3X7
28 Garden Vale Rd ChathamN7L 5A4
34 Given Rd ChathamN7L 3W3
67 Gladstone Ave ChathamN7L 2C4
343 Grand Ave E ChathamN7L 4W5
3-365 Grand Ave E ChathamN7L 1W9
1-455 Grand Ave E ChathamN7L 1X4
752 Grand Ave E ChathamN7L 1X6
164 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 1C1
2-300 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 1C1
149-425 Grand Ave W ChathamN7M 6M8
435 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 3Z4
600 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 4E3
650 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 1C7
506-650 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 1C7
795 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 4L3
805 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 4M5
857 Grand Ave W ChathamN7L 4T1
48 Grant St ChathamN7L 1T9
165 Gray St ChathamN7M 1T3
63 Greenfield Lane ChathamN7L 5N4
102 Greenfield Lane ChathamN7L 5N5
87 Harvest Cres ChathamN7L 5C7
43 Harvey St ChathamN7M 1L9
1-140 Harvey St ChathamN7M 1M5
66 Heather Dr ChathamN7M 3E8
60 Henry O’ Way ChathamN7L 5M6
89 Highland Dr ChathamN7M 4C4
11 Homestead Cres ChathamN7M 5A9
388 Indian Creek Rd WchathamN7M 2E2
32 John St ChathamN7M 5B4
57 Juliette Ave ChathamN7L 3Y4
25 Keil Dr N ChathamN7L 5J9
40 Keil Dr S ChathamN7M 3G8
14 Kendall St ChathamN7M 2X5
18 Kendall St ChathamN7M 2X5
59 Kerr Ave ChathamN7M 1C1
64 King St E ChathamN7M 3M7
74 King St E ChathamN7M 6H5
75 King St E ChathamN7M 3M9
100 King St W ChathamN7M 6A9
436 King St W ChathamN7M 1G4
46 Kirk St ChathamN7M 3P8
4-4 Lamson Cres ChathamN7L 1P9
8 Lancefield Pl ChathamN7L 2M3
55 Landings Pass ChathamN7L 5P9
39 Lansdowne Ave ChathamN7M 4J2
29 Llydican Ave ChathamN7L 3E4
15 Madonna Cres ChathamN7L 1X8
8 Mallard Pl ChathamN7L 4A6
24 Mallard Pl ChathamN7L 4A6
15 Manchester Pl ChathamN7M 6L5
54 Marion Ave ChathamN7M 5N3
76 Mary St ChathamN7L 4K2
150 Mary St ChathamN7L 4V2
100 McFarlane Ave ChathamN7L 2K4
53 McNaughton Ave WchathamN7L 5B9
99 McNaughton Ave WchathamN7L 4P4

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