Cambridge ZIP Codes, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge zip codes vary with locations. Their prefixes start with either L7L, L7M, L7N, L7P, L7R, or L7S. The local units of neighbouring streets are often the same. Similar to other Canadian cities, Cambridge postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Cambridge is a city in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, located at the confluence of the Grand and Speed rivers. 

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Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code PrefixL7L, L7M, L7N, L7P, L7R, L7S
Area codes519, 226, 548

Cambridge Postal Codes

Street AddressPostal Code
7 Apple Dr CambridgeN3C 0C1
67 Avenue Rd CambridgeN1R 2Z9
1225 Balmoral Rd CambridgeN1T 1A4
1400 Bishop St N CambridgeN1R 6W8
1425 Bishop St N CambridgeN1R 6J9
1A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
1B-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
2A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
2B-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
3A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
3B-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
4A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
4B-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
5A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
5B-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
6A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
6B-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
7A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
8A-1730 Bishop St N CambridgeN1T 1N4
245 Bishop St S cambridgeN3H 5N2
25 Brierdale Rd CambridgeN1R 7K2
45 Brierdale Rd CambridgeN1R 7K5
95 Cambridge St CambridgeN1R 3S2
190 Cedar St CambridgeN1S 1W5
50 Chalmers St  S CambridgeN1R 5B5
135 Chalmers St S CambridgeN1R 6M2
125 Champlain Blvd CambridgeN1R 2X6
205 Champlain Blvd CambridgeN1R 6W2
215 Champlain Blvd CambridgeN1R 6W1
1-700 Champlain Blvd CambridgeN1R 8K1
14 Chateau Cres CambridgeN3H 5S2
18 Chateau Cres CambridgeN3H 5S2
22 Chateau Cres CambridgeN3H 5S2
34 Chateau Cres CambridgeN3H 5S2
139 Christopher  Dr CambridgeN1R 6V9
400 Collier Macmillan Dr CambridgeN1R 7H7
470 Collier Macmillan Dr CambridgeN1R 5Y7
520 Collier Macmillan Dr CambridgeN1R 6R6
59 Concession St CambridgeN1R 5Z6
95 Concession St CambridgeN1R 6X2
143 Concession St CambridgeN1R 2H6
543 Conestoga Blvd CambridgeN1R 6T4
323 Cooper St CambridgeN3C 3X8
352 Cooper St CambridgeN3C 3X8
695 Coronation Blvd CambridgeN1R 7J9
700 Coronation Blvd CambridgeN1R 3G2
715 Coronation Blvd CambridgeN1R 7R1
24 Darren Cres CambridgeN3C 3Y1
420 Dover St N CambridgeN3H 1K9
3 Drinkwater Dr CambridgeN1P 1E3
4 Drinkwater Dr CambridgeN1P 1E3
7 Drinkwater Dr CambridgeN1P 1E3
8 Drinkwater DrCambridgeN1P 1E3
11 Drinkwater Dr CambridgeN1P 1E3
12 Drinkwater Dr CambridgeN1P 1E3
16 Drinkwater Dr CambridgeN1P 1E3
601 Duke St CambridgeN3H 3T4
75 Dundas St N CambridgeN1R 6G5
98 Durham Ave CambridgeN3H 5K8
112 Dyer Crt CambridgeN3C 4B9
200 Eagle St N CambridgeN3H 5S9
1574 Eagle St N CambridgeN3H 4S5
383 Elgin St N CambridgeN1R 8C1
487 Elgin St N CambridgeN1R 6V4
930 Elgin St N CambridgeN1R 8E5
55 Endeavour Dr CambridgeN3C 4C4
235 Ferguson Ave CambridgeN1R 6G1
1105 Fountain St N CambridgeN3E 1A2
357 Fountain St S CambridgeN3H 1J2
372 Fountain St S CambridgeN3H 1J3
200 Franklin Blvd CambridgeN1R 8N8
D204-1598 Franklin Blvd CambridgeN3C 3P4
5 Galt Ave CambridgeN1R 8E4
30 Glamis Rd CambridgeN1R 7H5
65 Glamis Rd CambridgeN1R 6W4
66 Glamis Rd CambridgeN1R 6S7
210 Glamis Rd CambridgeN1R 6L3
215 Glamis Rd CambridgeN1R 6V8
168 Grand Ave S CambridgeN1S 2M5
180 Grand Ave S CambridgeN1S 3V6
196 Guelph Ave CambridgeN3C 1A6
1210 Hamilton St CambridgeN3H 3G3
25 Harris St CambridgeN1R 7B6
3 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
4 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
7 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
8 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
11 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
12 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
15 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
16 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
19 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
20 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
23 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
24 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
27 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
28 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
31 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
32 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3
35 Haskell Rd CambridgeN1P 1E3

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