Burlington ZIP Codes, Ontario, Canada

Burlington zip codes vary with locations. Their prefixes contain L7L, L7M, L7N, L7P, L7R, or L7S. The local units of neighbouring streets are often the same. Similar to other Canadian cities, Burlington postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Burlington is a city in the Regional Municipality of Halton at the west end of Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada.

Hint: Press CTRL + F (Windows) or CMD + F (Mac) and type your street address in Burlington to quickly find your zip code. If a street uses more than one zip code, click on that street to find the postcode for specific addresses within that street.

Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code PrefixL7L, L7M, L7N, L7P, L7R, L7S
Area codes 905, 289, 365, 742

Burlington Postal Codes

Street AddressPostal Code
2265 Abbotsbury St BurlingtonL7P 4H7
2050 Amherst Heights Dr BurlingtonL7P 4M6
2075 Amherst Heights Dr BurlingtonL7P 5B8
2085 Amherst Heights Dr BurlingtonL7P 5C2
676 Appleby Line BurlingtonL7L 5Y1
1800 Appleby Line BurlingtonL7L 6A1
1160 Bellview St BurlingtonL7S 2L4
1150 Blair Rd BurlingtonL7M 3T4
368 Brant St BurlingtonL7R 2E8
390 Brant St BurlingtonL7R 4J4
460 Brant St BurlingtonL7R 4B6
672 Brant St BurlingtonL7R 2H3
761 Brant St BurlingtonL7R 2H7
1035 Brant St BurlingtonL7R 4X6
1200 Brant St BurlingtonL7P 5C6
2-1321 Brant St BurlingtonL7P 1X7
2201 Brant St BurlingtonL7P 3N8
456 Brock Ave BurlingtonL7S 1M9
100 Burloak Dr BurlingtonL7L 6P6
1100 Burloak Dr BurlingtonL7L 6B2
1120 Burloak Dr BurlingtonL7L 6P8
1200 Burloak Dr BurlingtonL7L 6B4
3481 Caplan Cres BurlingtonL7N 2P9
1132 Carol St BurlingtonL7S 2A2
1150 Carol St BurlingtonL7S 2L5
1001 Champlain Ave BurlingtonL7L 5Z4
500 Claridge Rd BurlingtonL7N 2S3
2010 Cleaver Ave BurlingtonL7M 4C1
2020 Cleaver Ave BurlingtonL7M 4C2
2030 Cleaver Ave BurlingtonL7M 4C3
2040 Cleaver Ave BurlingtonL7M 4C4
2215 Cleaver Ave BurlingtonL7M 4C5
2141 Country Club Dr BurlingtonL7M 4E5
2175 Country Club Dr BurlingtonL7M 4H9
710 Cumberland Ave BurlingtonL7N 3M9
2871 Darien Rd BurlingtonL7M 4R6
3060 Davidson Crt BurlingtonL7M 4X7
1010 Downsview Dr BurlingtonL7T 4H8
700 Dynes Rd BurlingtonL7N 3M2
1275 Elgin St BurlingtonL7S 1E2
440 Elizabeth St BurlingtonL7R 2M1
477 Elizabeth St BurlingtonL7R 2M3
1881 Fairview St BurlingtonL7S 2K4
2200 Fairview St BurlingtonL7R 4H9
3350 Fairview St BurlingtonL7N 3L5
3400 Fairview St BurlingtonL7N 3G5
4140 Foxwood Dr BurlingtonL7M 4R4
1415 Ghent Ave BurlingtonL7S 1X4
1425 Ghent Ave BurlingtonL7S 1X5
1460 Ghent Ave BurlingtonL7S 1X7
3020 Glencrest Rd BurlingtonL7N 2H2
3050 Glencrest Rd BurlingtonL7N 2H3
3055 Glencrest Rd BurlingtonL7N 2H4
2418 Glenwood School DrBurlingtonL7R 3S2
511 Guelph Line BurlingtonL7R 3M3
640 Guelph Line BurlingtonL7R 3M9
720 Guelph Line BurlingtonL7R 4E2
1380 Guelph Line BurlingtonL7P 4X3
1505 Guelph Line BurlingtonL7P 3B6
2501 Guelph Line BurlingtonL7M 2A3
770 Hager Ave BurlingtonL7S 1X1
502-770 Hager Ave BurlingtonL7S 1X1
3027 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7N 3G7
3050 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7N 3J1
3155 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7N 3V2
3245 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7N 3T7
3250 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7N 3W9
3485 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7N 3T3
4055 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7L 5Z7
4180 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7L 6B6
4280 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7L 5Z5
5125 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7L 6A2
5195 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7L 6E9
5205 Harvester Rd BurlingtonL7L 6B5
1415 Hazelton Blvd BurlingtonL7P 4W6
6-2470 Headon Forest Dr BurlingtonL7M 3X3
2915 Headon Forest Dr BurlingtonL7M 3Z6
2935 Headon Forest Dr BurlingtonL7M 3Z7
2960 Headon Forest Dr BurlingtonL7M 4G5
1450 Headon Rd BurlingtonL7M 3Z5
2224 Ireland Dr BurlingtonL7P 3E9
2180 Itabashi Way BurlingtonL7M 5A5
5353 John Lucas Dr BurlingtonL7L 6G5
410 John St BurlingtonL7R 4P5
1600 Kerns Rd BurlingtonL7P 3G9
4003 Kilmer Dr BurlingtonL7M 4M1
4005 Kilmer Dr BurlingtonL7M 4M2
4006 Kilmer Dr BurlingtonL7M 4W4
4013 Kilmer Dr BurlingtonL7M 4M3
4015 Kilmer Dr BurlingtonL7M 4M4
4016 Kilmer Dr BurlingtonL7M 5A7
4025 Kilmer Dr BurlingtonL7M 4M5
1363 Lakeshore  Rd BurlingtonL7S 1B2
1431 Lakeshore Rd BurlingtonL7S 1B4
1455 Lakeshore Rd BurlingtonL7S 2J1
2160 Lakeshore Rd BurlingtonL7R 1A7
2190 Lakeshore Rd BurlingtonL7R 4K1
2210 Lakeshore Rd BurlingtonL7R 4J9
5170 Lakeshore Rd BurlingtonL7L 1C4
5188 Lakeshore Rd BurlingtonL7L 6P4

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