Brockville ZIP Codes, Ontario, Canada

Brockville zip codes vary with locations but all include K6V as their prefix. The local units of neighbouring streets are often the same. Similar to other Canadian cities, Brockville postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Brockville, formerly Elizabethtown, is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada, in the Thousand Islands region.

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Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code PrefixK6V
Area codes 613, 343

Brockville Postal Codes

Street AddressPostal Code
55 Aldershot Ave BrockvilleK6V 2P7
91 Aldershot Ave BrockvilleK6V 2P7
38 Alexander St BrockvilleK6V 4N1
1313 Alwington St BrockvilleK6V 6A5
10 Amy St BrockvilleK6V 1V8
55 Ann St BrockvilleK6V 5L4
3 Apple St BrockvilleK6V 4X5
408-3 Apple St BrockvilleK6V 4X5
24 Apple St BrockvilleK6V 4X8
17 Baker Pl BrockvilleK6V 1Z4
304-2 Balmoral Pl BrockvilleK6V 6K1
305-2 Balmoral Pl BrockvilleK6V 6K1
6-4 Balmoral Pl BrockvilleK6V 6K1
9 Bayview Rd BrockvilleK6V 5S2
164 Beley St BrockvilleK6V 6V5
182 Beley St BrockvilleK6V 6Z8
187 Beley St BrockvilleK6V 6Z8
239 Beley St BrockvilleK6V 7J7
9 Belvedere Pl BrockvilleK6V 3A5
22 Bisley Cres BrockvilleK6V 2T8
110 Bisley Cres BrockvilleK6V 2T8
226-1026 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7J8
1064 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1066 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1068 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1070 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1072 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1074 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1076 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1078 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1079 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1080 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1082 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1084 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1085 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1090 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1092 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1094 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
1096 Bridlewood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7G2
9 Broad St BrockvilleK6V 6Z4
26 Broad St BrockvilleK6V 4T8
15-12 Broadway Ave BrockvilleK6V 1V1
171 Brock St BrockvilleK6V 4G6
334 Brock St BrockvilleK6V 4G7
371 Brock St BrockvilleK6V 6E8
151 Butlers Cres BrockvilleK6V 7K8
10 Byng Ave BrockvilleK6V 1H9
1001 Carley St BrockvilleK6V 7M4
18-8 Cartier Crt BrockvilleK6V 6S6
1-10 Cartier Crt BrockvilleK6V 6S6
26 Centre St BrockvilleK6V 5S5
36 Centre St BrockvilleK6V 5S5
2-14 Charlotte Pl BrockvilleK6V 6T2
123 Chipman Rd BrockvilleK6V 6Y8
48 Church St BrockvilleK6V 6L3
202-48 Church St BrockvilleK6V 6L3
131 Church St BrockvilleK6V 3Y3
179 Church St BrockvilleK6V 3Y4
203 Church St BrockvilleK6V 3Y4
6 Clarke Cres BrockvilleK6V 3N7
800 Colonel Curry Dr BrockvilleK6V 6G7
65-38 Convay Cres BrockvilleK6V 5A1
1-3506 Coon’s Rd BrockvilleK6V 5T4
1013 Crestwood Dr BrockvilleK6V 7N1
847 Cunningham Cres BrockvilleK6V 6H3
139 Dana St BrockvilleK6V 6X1
17 Daniel St BrockvilleK6V 4Z4
42 Davison Ave BrockvilleK6V 3C2
12 Elizabeth St BrockvilleK6V 7B4
6 Elm Ave BrockvilleK6V 2M2
5 Fairknowe Dr BrockvilleK6V 1J6
82 Ferguson Dr BrockvilleK6V 4R1
85 Ferguson Dr BrockvilleK6V 4P9
160 Ferguson Dr BrockvilleK6V 4R2
337 First Ave BrockvilleK6V 3B8
356 First Ave BrockvilleK6V 3C1
1015 Fitzsimmons Dr BrockvilleK6V 7E9
24 Front Ave E BrockvilleK6V 1V6
67 Front Ave W BrockvilleK6V 4J4
22-91 Front Ave W BrockvilleK6V 4J8
113 Front Ave W BrockvilleK6V 4J8
12A George St BrockvilleK6V 3V4
20 George St BrockvilleK6V 3V4
46 Glengarry Rd BrockvilleK6V 2N4
6 Glenn Wood Pl BrockvilleK6V 2T3
9-9 Glenn Wood Pl BrockvilleK6V 2T4
407-10 Glenn Wood Pl BrockvilleK6V 2T2
203-30 Glenn Wood Pl BrockvilleK6V 2T2
204-30 Glenn Wood Pl BrockvilleK6V 2T2
4618 Haggard Side Rd BrockvilleK6V 5T4
3 Hardy Cres BrockvilleK6V 3A2
219-11 Hastings Dr BrockvilleK6V 2N9
23 Hollywood Pl BrockvilleK6V 2A5
125 James St W BrockvilleK6V 4A3
94 Keefer St BrockvilleK6V 1R7
1275 Kensington Pky BrockvilleK6V 6C3
1315 Kensington Pky BrockvilleK6V 6N8
205-1315 Kensington Pky BrockvilleK6V 6N8
107-1350 Kensington Pky BrockvilleK6V 6B9
1375 Kensington Pky BrockvilleK6V 6L5

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