Brampton ZIP Codes, Ontario, Canada

Brampton zip codes vary with locations, with prefixes containing either L6T, L6X, L6S, L6R, L6W, L6P, L6Y, or L7A. The local units of neighbouring streets are often the same. As is the case for other Canadian cities, Brampton postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Brampton is a city in Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area.

Hint: Press CTRL + F (Windows) or CMD + F (Mac) and type your street address in Brampton to quickly find your zip code. If a street uses more than one zip code, click on that street to find the postcode for specific addresses within that street.

Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code PrefixL6T, L6X, L6S, L6R, L6W, L6P, L6Y, or L7A
Area codes 905, 289, 365, and 742

Brampton Postal Codes

Street AddressPostal Code
70 Advance Blvd BramptonL6T 4S7
140 Advance Blvd BramptonL6T 4Z8
171 Advance Blvd BramptonL6T 4Z6
175 Advance Blvd BramptonL6T 4J1
185 Advance Blvd BramptonL6T 4Y3
200 Advance Blvd BramptonL6T 4V4
211 Advance Blvd BramptonL6T 4S8
258 Albright Rd BramptonL6X 0J1
17 Alexandria Cres BramptonL6T 1N2
4 Alfred Kuehne Blvd BramptonL6T 4N3
2 Automatic Rd BramptonL6S 6K8
4 Automatic Rd BramptonL6S 6K9
20 Automatic Rd BramptonL6S 5N6
44 Automatic Rd BramptonL6S 5N9
507 Balmoral Dr BramptonL6T 1W3
26 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
28 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
29 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
30 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
31 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
32 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
34 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
36 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
37 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
38 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
40 Barleyfield Rd BramptonL6R 1R2
1 Bartley Bull Pky BramptonL6W 3T7
78 Braemar Dr BramptonL6T 2M2
121-475 Bramalea Rd BramptonL6T 2X3
52 Bramsteele Rd BramptonL6W 3M5
54 Bramsteele Rd BramptonL6W 3M6
56 Bramsteele Rd BramptonL6W 3M7
75 Charolais Blvd BramptonL6Y 2R8
95 Charolais Blvd BramptonL6Y 2R9
10 Cherrytree Dr BramptonL6Y 5E9
20 Cherrytree Dr BramptonL6Y 3V1
11 Church St W BramptonL6X 4J7
241 Clarence St BramptonL6W 4P2
40 County Court Blvd BramptonL6W 3X5
195 County Court Blvd BramptonL6W 4P7
197 County Court Blvd BramptonL6W 4P6
200 County Court Blvd BramptonL6W 4K7
24 Crown Victoria Dr BramptonL7A 3A9
3 Dayspring Cir BramptonL6P 1B7
46 Dearbourne Blvd BramptonL6T 1J7
21 Deforest Dr BramptonL7A 2Y3
50 Delta Park Blvd BramptonL6T 5E8
70 Delta Park Blvd BramptonL6T 5E9
70 Devon Rd BramptonL6T 5K7
72 Devon Rd BramptonL6T 5B4
8044 Dixie Rd BramptonL6T 5G8
56 Dolphin Song Cres BramptonL6R 2A7
58 Dolphin Song Cres BramptonL6R 2A7
8 Dovehaven Cres BramptonL6P 2H7
65 Eastbrook Way BramptonL6P 1K6
31 Fair Oaks Pl BramptonL6Y 4W9
18 Fairvalley St BramptonL6R 0W2
10 Fallen Oak Crt BramptonL6Y 3S1
12 Fallen Oak Crt BramptonL6Y 3S1
40 Finchgate Blvd BramptonL6T 3J1
59 First Gulf Blvd BramptonL6W 4P9
2 Fisherman Dr BramptonL7A 1B5
12 Fisherman Dr BramptonL7A 1B6
15 Fisherman Dr BramptonL7A 1B7
25 Fisherman Dr BramptonL7A 1C9
27 Fisherman Dr BramptonL7A 1E2
30 Hale Rd BramptonL6W 4N9
80 Hale Rd BramptonL6W 3N9
6 Homeview Rd BramptonL6P 2L9
2 Huntspoint Dr BramptonL6P 2E7
7755 Hurontario St BramptonL6W 4T1
79 Iron Block Dr BramptonL7A 0J1
19 Janetville St BramptonL6P 2H5
33 Kennedy Rd S BramptonL6W 3E5
49 Kennedy Rd S BramptonL6W 4P4
165 Kennedy Rd S BramptonL6W 3L3
195 Kennedy Rd S BramptonL6W 3H2
365 Kennedy Rd S BramptonL6W 3H3
10 Kensington Rd BramptonL6T 3V4
18 Kensington Rd BramptonL6T 4S5
25 Kensington Rd BramptonL6T 3W8
26 Leparc Rd BramptonL6P 1Y2
28 Leparc Rd BramptonL6P 1Y2
389 Main St N BramptonL6X 3P1
143 Main St S BramptonL6Y 1N4
160 Main St S BramptonL6W 2E1
70 Maitland St BramptonL6S 3C2
30 Malta Ave BramptonL6Y 4S5
14 Marlow Pl BramptonL6S 2X3
71 Mary St BramptonL6W 4P8
91 McCaul St BramptonL6V 1J5
8351 McLaughlin Rd BramptonL6Y 4H8
4 Melanie Dr BramptonL6T 4L1
30 Melanie Dr BramptonL6T 4L4
31 Melanie Dr BramptonL6T 5H8
27 Merganser Cres BramptonL6W 4G1
35 Merganser Cres BramptonL6W 4G2
37 Merganser Cres BramptonL6W 4G2
38 Merganser Cres BramptonL6W 4G1
39 Merganser Cres BramptonL6W 4G2

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