Belleville ZIP Codes, Ontario, Canada

Belleville zip codes start with either K8N or K8P. The local units of neighbouring streets are often the same. As is the case for other Canadian cities, Belleville postal codes contain 6 alpha-numerical digits.

Belleville is a city in Ontario, Canada situated on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, located at the mouth of the Moira River and on the Bay of Quinte.

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Key points

ISO 3166-2 codeCA-ON
Postal code PrefixK8N or K8P
Area codes613

Belleville Postal Codes

Street AddressPostal code
2-150 Albert St BellevilleK8N 3N4
48-35 Albion St BellevilleK8N 5Y8
101-7 Aldersgate Dr BellevilleK8P 4W9
131-7 Aldersgate Dr BellevilleK8P 4W9
601-48 Alexander St BellevilleK8N 2H3
106-4 Applewood Dr BellevilleK8P 4E2
305-4 Applewood Dr BellevilleK8P 4E2
7 Barnett St BellevilleK8N 0M1
10 Barnett St BellevilleK8N 0M1
100 Bell Blvd BellevilleK8P 4Y7
222 Bell Blvd BellevilleK8P 5L7
185 Bleecker Ave BellevilleK8N 3T8
18 Boswell St BellevilleK8P 3K8
65 Boswell St BellevilleK8P 3L1
16 Briarwood Cres BellevilleK8N 5J7
25-42 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 1L6
203-127 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 1M6
301-127 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 1M6
171 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 1N2
217 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 5E4
299 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 1P5
355 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 1P7
485 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 5H6
500 Bridge St EBellevilleK8N 1R5
60 Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 1J3
401-205A Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 4V3
245 Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 1K4
247 Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 4S1
249 Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 4V4
334 Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 5M1
336 Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 5M1
338 Bridge St WBellevilleK8P 5M1
24 Brown St BellevilleK8N 2S7
192 Burnham St BellevilleK8N 3R9
75A Burton St BellevilleK8P 1E7
102 Byron St BellevilleK8N 2W7
108-70 Cannifton Rd BellevilleK8N 4T8
110-197 Cannifton Rd BellevilleK8N 4V5
406-197 Cannifton Rd BellevilleK8N 4V5
407-197 Cannifton Rd BellevilleK8N 4V5
48E Cascade Blvd BellevilleK8P 4W1
25 Cedar St BellevilleK8P 3L9
142 Charles St BellevilleK8N 3M2
4-51 Charlotte St BellevilleK8P 1E3
218 Church St BellevilleK8N 3C3
207-25 College St EBellevilleK8P 2E3
5-101 College St EBellevilleK8P 2E9
411-30 College St WBellevilleK8P 0A9
426-30 College St WBellevilleK8P 0A9
50 Craig St BellevilleK8P 2K1
52 Craig St BellevilleK8P 2K1
8 Dixie PlBellevilleK8P 5A9
10 Dorset Court BellevilleK8N 0N1
352 Dufferin Ave BellevilleK8N 3X8
205 Dundas St EBellevilleK8N 5K6
210 Dundas St EBellevilleK8N 5G8
330 Dundas St EBellevilleK8N 5L2
203-330 Dundas St EBellevilleK8N 5L2
334 Dundas St EBellevilleK8N 5L8
814-334 Dundas St EBellevilleK8N 5L8
470 Dundas St EBellevilleK8N 1G1
205 Dundas St WBellevilleK8P 1A7
1-355 Dundas St WBellevilleK8P 1B3
303-414 Dundas St WBellevilleK8P 1B4
58 Dunnett Blvd BellevilleK8P 4M9
81 Edgehill Rd BellevilleK8N 5J4
46 Elizabeth Cres BellevilleK8N 1K5
9 Elmer St BellevilleK8P 1Z6
19 Elvins Gdns BellevilleK8P 2T2
9 Essex Dr BellevilleK8N 0M5
22 Everett St BellevilleK8P 3J9
11 Evergreen Court BellevilleK8N 0A1
259 Farley Ave BellevilleK8N 4L9
71 Finch Dr BellevilleK8P 5L4
31 Follwell Cres BellevilleK8N 5Z6
4-146 Foster Ave BellevilleK8N 3P9
77 Frank St BellevilleK8P 3V5
108 Frank St BellevilleK8P 3V7
199 Front St BellevilleK8N 5H5
121-199 Front St BellevilleK8N 5H5
232 Front St BellevilleK8N 5K4
201-294 Front St BellevilleK8N 2Z8
344 Front St BellevilleK8N 5M4
350 Front St BellevilleK8N 5M5
370 Front St BellevilleK8N 5L9
304-370 Front St BellevilleK8N 5L9
403-370 Front St BellevilleK8N 5L9
703-370 Front St BellevilleK8N 5L9
710-370 Front St BellevilleK8N 5L9
9 Gavey St BellevilleK8N 0M1
51 Gavey St BellevilleK8N 0L8
59 Geddes St BellevilleK8P 2X6
202-255 George St BellevilleK8N 3H7
301-255 George St BellevilleK8N 3H7
5 Gilbert St BellevilleK8P 3G9
47 Gilbert St BellevilleK8P 3G9
93 Glendale Rd BellevilleK8P 4S9
27 Graham St BellevilleK8P 1P4
2-65 Grier St BellevilleK8P 3A2
203-80 Grier St BellevilleK8P 3A3

More locations in Belleville

LocationPostal code
RR7K8N 4Z7
RR5K8N 4Z5
RR1K8N 4Z1
RR4K8N 4Z4
RR2K8N 4Z2

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